Industrial Farming Eliminating Minerals From Foods: Supplement With Trace Minerals

Do you ever think that the food (fresh or processed) we consume every day is beneficial for us or not? Are they providing us what our bodies really need, the essential minerals and vitamins required for the body to function properly?

If not, it is time you start paying attention to this matter;

Minerals regulate the continuous processes carried out in your body every second. These are not only vital for your health but also work as immune boosters, helping you feel your best at all times. The processed foods we eat might look healthy and tempting, but most of them lack several trace minerals such as Molybdenum, Selenium, etc. The decline in their intake can lead you to a weak immune system, overall weakness, and many more health issues.

Now, the only way to avoid the absence of these must-haves is to take trace minerals supplements.


What’s Causing The Problem?

The pre-harvest-processed, or some may call it 'commercially grown’ fruits, vegetables, and grains, have considerably lower mineral content levels than the foods humans used to consume decades ago. A comparison of foods that we eat now, with the foods that we used to eat, reveals a 22 to 39 percent declination of minerals in 14 wheat varieties, over a hundred years.

What might be the reason behind this decline in macro and trace minerals? According to scientists, there are two factors that play an essential part, 'Dilution effect' and 'Genetic Dilution effect.'


 Dilution Effect

A decrease in mineral content due to the dilution effect occurs when farmers use high-yield techniques on their crops, such as fertilization. The use of chemicals has resulted in increasing the yield and eventually their sale but tends to decrease the produce's quality.

According to research, a phosphorus fertilizer used on raspberries resulted in doubling the product's yield, but on the other hand, there were eight types of minerals whose concentrations were decreased by 20 to 55 percent.


 Genetic Dilution Effect

The genetic dilution effect plays its part when the scientists work on developing high-yield varieties of produce rather than focusing on its quality, that is, its mineral content. In high-yield varieties like this, 80 to 90 percent of the dry weight comprises carbohydrates, which might basically be the last thing required to be included in a diet, keeping in view that the obesity prevalence in the US is about 40% among adults.

Due to this whole status quo, the option is to opt for plant-based trace minerals. The purpose of supplements is not only to provide you with what you lack, but they also help you absorb and function properly with vitamins and minerals you already have.

Take-Away Note

Consumption of foods with lower mineral content has a significant effect on the waistline and whatnot. So, a quick solution is to stick with plant-based trace minerals in supplement form to provide the body with immunity boosters for optimum health.